Our Company

Precision is a trusted informatics and data analytics provider delivering big data solutions to Fortune 1000 companies. By leveraging the inherent value of data and the power of statistics, Precision provides fact-based tools and interpretive data services to enable our client partners to maximize their return on investment and achieve their incremental growth and profitability goals.  

With the core values of humility, kindness, and diligence, Precision is dedicated to developing our team, products and services for the purpose of providing a fulfilling environment for both client partners and team members.

Global Capabilities

Precision provides local resources and capabilities to our client partners globally, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Precision Background

Incorporated in 2001, Precision is a private company founded with the goal of providing business professionals with the data and facts necessary to make informed decisions that drive return on investment. Since its inception, Precision has remained focused on building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual goals.

Growing annually each year since inception, Precision is a company that offers a great opportunity to partner with and work in an innovative and caring environment of highly trained, highly skilled and dedicated professionals.

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Corporate Office

4514 Travis Street, Suite 230
Dallas, Texas 75205, USA
Tel: +1 214.599.8933

New York Office

27th E 28th Street, Suite #545
New York, NY 10016

Core Competencies

Precision provides data driven solutions and informatics to suppliers and distributors in B2B professional markets enabling fact-based planning and execution.

Precision’s core competencies are:

Syndicated Market Data – Foundational global market data and insights for strategy development and business execution

Channel Sales Analytics – Statistical models and tools supporting sales and marketing decisions and channel partner collaboration

Clean Room Data Services– Confidential 3rd party data repository and services supporting pre-close and post-close M&A analytics

Vision and Mission

Precision’s vision is to deliver innovative analytical tools and services with a spirit of kindnessquality and humility.

Our mission is to be a trusted, long-term partner by:

  • Acting with honesty, respect, accountability and fiscal responsibility
  • Enabling client partners to achieve incremental growth and profitability
  • Leveraging statistics and developing proprietary algorithms to maximize the inherent value of data
  • Continuing to improve and develop our team, products, and services
  • Providing a fun and caring environment for employees and client partners

Core Purpose and Values

Create success and happiness for our team members and client partners by transforming data into understanding, action, and payback.


Take ownership for our words, actions, and deliverables and their consequences.  Including holding others responsible as well.

Maintain equilibrium in time allocation and prioritization between work and life commitments.

Demonstrate compassion to both colleagues and external parties.  This links back to the golden rule to do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.


Work earnestly and persistently until the task has been completed. To be diligent is to conscientiously, and with determination, persevere in performing a task.

Fiscal Responsibility
Spend & invest money, and allocate resources prudently for the long term health of the company. Any resources not used wisely are at our own expense.


Tell the truth.  Include the truthful representation of our work product and be forthright in dealing with others.


Recognize the expertise and experience of others, and our own limitations.  Do not be so prideful that we avoid seeking the leadership and guidance of others in areas where they have the appropriate expertise, regardless of formal position.


Build long-term, win-win relationships with our customers, suppliers and team members. We are committed to collaborating with our partners to solve for mutual success.


Deliver something of high value. Quality is defined not only by the work product but also by the entire experience with your co-workers, partners or suppliers.


For more information about our products and services, please contact us at:

Corporate Office
4514 Travis Street, Suite 230
Dallas, Texas 75205, USA
Tel: +1 214.599.8933
New York Office
27th E 28th Street, Suite #545
New York, NY 10016